Key prizes and awards received

Key prizes and awards received

For his research as a group leader at the Medical University of Vienna’s Centre for Brain Research, Ralf Dahm won the

  • Otto-Kraupp-Prize 2009 (endowed by the Sanofi-Aventis Foundation for Medical Research) for the best medical habilitation
  • Theodor Körner Prize 2008 of the Theodor-Körner-Fonds zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kunst [Theodor-Körner-Fonds for the Advancement of Science and the Arts]

For the best essay on international mobility of scientists, he won the

  • EMBO Write Move Prize 2009 awarded by the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO)

Scientific pictures he took have won two major scientific image competitions

  • 1st prize in the competition “Bilder der Forschung” 2005 (“Images of Research”) organised by the national German news magazine Focus and the Verband forschender Arzneimittelhersteller (German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies; shared with Jürgen Berger, MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen)
  • 1st prize in the Jeol (UK) Micrograph Competition 1997; Ralf Dahm’s images also won the Life Sciences category and the Cryo Electron Microscopy category in this competition

He has been awarded prestigious research fellowships, such

  • Erasmus Lifelong Programme Fellowships for Teaching Staff (2008-2009)
  • an EMBO Long-term Fellowship for two years of postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, Germany (1999-2001)
  • a BBSRC CASE Award jointly funded by the UK’s BBSRC and the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia-Upjohn for three years of PhD at the University of Dundee, UK (1995-1998)
  • a European Science Foundation (ESF) Fellowship for one year of MSc at the University of Dundee, UK (1994-1995)